The man of God

Pastor Isaac Lawson is a man ordained by God with the apostolic mandate of Resurrection and Eternal life. He has been anointed by God to raise a generation of believers to live in the resurrection.

He is the senior pastor of RESURRECTION CATHEDRAL, the international affairs branch of the GGFC worldwide, with many other branches under his supervision.

As an apostle, Pastor Lawson amongst other things teaches believers to understand the resurrection, as well as living in it. He teaches that immortality is a present day reality and when believers engage the life of the spirit,it gives their bodies life and mortality is expelled completely.

His ministry has brought meaning to the lives of many believers across the globe. His passion for souls as well as the growth of the church has resulted in the raising of agents of transformation. He is also an author and a conference speaker.

Pastor Lawson is married to Mrs. Sussana Lawson with two sons, Israel and Benjamin.

The Church


Resurrection Cathedral is a  branch of the Grace Gospel family churches(ggfc) with It's general overseer being Bishop Benjamin Amoako.   Ggfc has 7 branches now but still counting. The church has an affiliation with the Abundant Harvest of Churches  in the United States of America.


The Resurrection Cathedral is  located at Oyarifa Greenhill(Adenta-Aburi Road) near the transdank hotel (Accra,Ghana) .  This ministry started in  September 2012 with about 12 members but now in  hundreds. It is being headed by Pastor Isaac Lawson . Our core values include:
* Living in the resurrection
* Living in love & harmony
* Being Fruitful & productive
* Discipleship.